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    Paddle Trainer/custom VASA style trainer/home gym

    Disclaimer: I have already been awarded "kook of the millennium" several years that's out of the way.

    A few years ago I built this "paddle trainer" at the time there was no gym near my house and I would use it a few times a week to stay in shape between weekend swells or get ready for trips etc bc unfortunately I don't live at the beach.

    Since making it, 2 gyms have opened near me and I find I don't use this machine. It is SUPER heavy duty. All 1/4" marine grade aluminum and 1/2" stainless's ridiculously over built bc I do marine construction and I used spare boat lift hardware and pieces to construct it. Harken pulleys and stainless fitting throughout. I sewed all the straps, seat covers etc. It is 100% custom. Sector 9 skateboard wheels are the rollers to give it a little wiggle to force you to balance on the board as with paddling a real surfboard. It could live outside but I keep it in my garage. It can break down in many pieces but it will not fit under a bed etc as it is fully welded main beams If you have ever seen a commercially available VASA trainer those things are a joke compared to this.

    So now I would like to sell it or trade it, but I just don't need it with the new gyms in town and I can't bring myself to cut it apart for scrap bc I had so much time and $ in making it. You can do millions of functional exercises on this thing, not just paddle. I can send more pix upon request but here is a link to a brief Youtube video of it, please excuse the terrible video it was my iPhone propped up on the hood of my truck so the volume sucks etc:

    I'd possibly trade for shortboards btwn 5'10-6'3, guns, bicycles, kitesurfing gear, or anything in between. Thanks for looking, enjoy the nor'easter this weekend

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    That is awesome!!

    i would buy it but have a vasa trainer already. Truly very impressed. Dont sell it! You will miss it. Amazing workmanship.

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    Looks the quote, "wife can use it for her Pilates sh*t"...the use of the dog as well was great! Nice sell...!!! Bump to the top!!!!

    However, my real question...

    How long and wide is it--widest point? Wondering if I can fit it next to my water heater and boiler in my basement.

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    lol, always thought I could build one one of these, tried a few theories, then broke down and bought the vasa. Nice work tho.

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    that thing is rad...

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    yes this thing is badass. where exactly are you located? and can it fit in the bed of a truck?

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    hi guys thanks for your kind words. It is located in 21601 Easton, MD. Fits easily in the bed of a truck I've had it in mine several times. It does come apart to an extent (but not all the way there are a few structural welds) but it's not push pins or anything it is all pretty much 1/2" SS hardware with lock nuts so it takes a 3/4" ratchet setup and 5min to break it down.

    Max measurements are about 36" W x 104" L x 42" H but all of these could be shortened/tweaked as has adjustable height to change difficulty of exercise. In retrospect I could really easily nip 2 inches off the rear cross legs to get it to go through a door much easier (although it does fit fine now you just have to rotate a bit) The leg board is totally removable for space or if you don't want it in the way so you can "paddle" straight legged.

    I don't think I'd regret selling it just bc my house is small, I need the room, and I do have a viable gym now so I'd like to see it go to a home especially where a fellow surfer might really appreciate what I've put into it. It was one of my first projects when I got a new welder for work just to get some practice before the construction season so it was useful and fun to make no matter what.

    I have countless hours in it but really I just want to cover my cost mainly on the super expensive sailing hardware that I used as pulleys. I'd really like to get $350 cash and honestly if you have ANY idea how much the hardware alone (or how much a VASA is) would cost on this thing you'd think it's fair I believe.

    So hit me up with trades or first person with cash takes it. Thanks!

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    the old original Vasa was over $1000! The freakin new one, with the "water paddles" inside the enclosure is over $1500! I use the VASA all the time - if you could get this one for under $500 - it's a total bargain.

    The VASA gets me thru winter. Keeps you in tip top paddling shape - no lie. I should use it more.

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    I am interested. Txt me at 732 977 1482

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    thanks for your interest guys, i sold it locally.