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    Monmouth County Today

    Anyone get out today? I checked earlier and it had some size. Winds just switched SW but it still looked like a wash machine. Now, the buoys are reading close to 6 ft @ 8 sec. Looks like it could have been fun at the right spot but everything I checked was still a mess.

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    checked at 4:30pm Long Branch is waist-chest with fog & chop. saw like 4 surfers out there.

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    It was fun. Bigger than expected. Surfed alone in Deal. Some nice head high peaks.
    First time out in 5 weeks and 5 weeks ago i was surfing in PR. So really was 1st time out in the 'cold' since some time prior to Christmas. Surfed 1.5 hours, not that long....but i'm beat! Must be getting old.
    It's been a weird winter with Sandy and all.