Looking for some advice on longboard restoration. had a classic longboard built in highschool, and rode the board daily. it took a beating, the white stripes on the board are faded, there are dings that were fixed, but not properly sanded, and there are black "stains" on the board where it was strapped to a roof rack for flat spells, sometimes days at a time. Think it is some type of vinyl residue from the straps/pads.

I know i can't reverse any sun damage or waterspots. but i want to strip the board down to the bare fiberglass. really get all the wax off, all the vinyl residue, etc. I also want to sand down the repaired dings.

Does anyone have any recommendations for these issues? Basically, i need some type of fiberglass cleaner that will clean the board. The typical wax removers are not doing it. there are years of wax, sand, dirt, and board rack residue on this thing.

Also, any tips for sanding a repaired ding after it has cured for 15 years?

All tips are appreciated.