I'm trying to figure out which direction to go in for filming a surf vid. I'd be particularly interested in people who have used DSLR's or Micro 4/3's for filming. I'm also an avid nature photographer - so I'd love to be able to do this with a rig that can also produce top level stills.

I know the GH series is amazing, and I know any 5d would cut it as well. I'm very interested in 4/3's such as the newer PEN's or the GX1 because these are very compact and would be able to double as a good still camera for candid shots, but I'm very weary about their vid capabilities...

Anybody use D5100, or T2i or T3i. I hate the build of these, but do know that they are amazing still cameras..

Most of these only offer 60i from a 30fps sensor, interlaced - which doesn't seem good being the amount of movement with the water/surfer, am I right here, or does this not really matter?