February statistically has the coldest annual water temps for our region. As a winter warrior, I am curious what some may do to extend surf sessions or to minimize the suffering when changing into and out of your wetsuit. I wear a 6/5/4 with 5mm gloves and 7mm boots but still some days are just brutal after a hour into the session.

Some things i do that help are: sitting in my car blasting the heat until my suit warms up and recently i came up with the idea of filling up my wetsuit bucket (its basically a recycling bin) with hot bath water. Ill dip my suit in the hot water before suiting up and I find that it helps get in on faster and gives me a heat boost. Its also great when I get out of the water because ill dip my frigid hands and feet in the bucket to warm up.

I saw a guy today that had a portable pump shower. I also have and see many people with the FCS robe towels.

So, what are some of the clever things you have come up with or have seen other warriors do to fight the cold?