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Is it just me or have they failed to be relevant in a while...yeah they have Kelly, Dane,and some ASP contests but what do they offer? Young guns was cool pushing the up and comers but what happened to that? Overpriced clothes that johnny d-bag from North Dakota can buy at his local shopping mall? Sold out long ago with their roxy fashion show. What percentage of the wetsuit market do you think they have? cuz I don't even know anyone with a quik suit....
+1 overpriced clothing, inferior wetsuits, definitely not "cool" anymore.

I always wondered what kind of return the companies even get by sponsoring these guys. I'm sure Slater and Reynolds are a return but they get nothing by flying the lesser names around. Seems to me like the best strategy is to wait for a guy like JJF to come along and then simply offer them more money than their old sponors.