hey, i am new here, but need help with info on old school fish, i am 6' 2" 200 lbs, with not a lot of experience this is my second season surfing, and i am still learning board material and how shapes and fins function,
1. i have talked to a local shaper and he talked about different resign and far as pounds, like a four pound on the bottom and 6 lb on the deck, i understand for strength but is it really that big of a deal
2. i am learning how fins work as far as base and depth, but i want a twin, would it be better to look into molded fins or something like fcs,
3. length, i have been told that you can go up to three inches shorter on a fish than your normal short board length, but seeing as how i never have ridden a short board what is a good length

thanks for your help, these are just a few questions, i definately have many more, i am looking at josh miller, rozo and clay bennet( but i have just read some bad news on bennet as far oweing people money in jax) any knowledge about these shapers would be cool too