Call me a nerd, but I'd like to set things straight... and it made me feel a lot better having done this.

Posting this to clarify the "unspoken rule" of surfing. I've been surfing for about 7 months now, self taught. I try really hard to respect other surfers out there - especially since I still consider myself a beginner-intermediate. I'm at that level now where I want to advance and catch bigger waves while still having fun.

This particular wave was my last one of the day after being out there for about 2.5 hours. I backed out of a lot that day letting the more experienced surfers catch them. But I thought for sure this was my wave. As you can see, I look to see if any riders are on it and after seeing no one up, I figured this wave was fair game so I caught it. About halfway through my awesome ride, this guy cut me off and as I turned around to look I fell. It was his last wave too, so I decided to calmly tell him on shore that what he did was pretty cheap and it was clearly my wave. He got extremely offended and started cussing me out. I held my ground but wasn't about to exchange punches so I explained my position and walked away.

I'm posting this purely to see if I was in the wrong. If so, I'll accept it and become a better surfer. If not, then I'll know when to push back on waves that are rightfully mine.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.