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    ive got a 5'10" Channel Islands "twin finner" and I love it. It is great in any kind of surf, and the extra volume of the board is great for me since im a short thick mofo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    I ride my Lost RNF as a twin.
    yeah that shape with the small trailer, or no trailer is about the best shape going for the summer 2-3 footers we get around here.

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    7S Superfish

    Really shortboard like bit has way lots of float and speed down the line. I have a 6'3'' but you can get from like 5'6'' to 7'. Easy to ride. Turns ankle- knee high waves into fun

    I love it. Easy to get speed and great turning. Catch waves like longboarders.

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    check out they have some great shapes and decent prices. I rode the yellowtail, and I loved it. Paddled like a long board. Its the next board on my buy list.