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    Today conditions / hood?

    What does everyone think it's gonna look like this afternoon in south jersey? Trying to get out after work for some. Also, how is the temp, has everyone ditched their hoods?

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    waves are pretty small but you def dont need a hood.

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    MonCo NJ
    Surfed last night in Seaside in a 4/3, boots, gloves and hood attached. Paddled out and took the hood off immediately because I was sweating my balls off. When the sun started going down I cooled off a bit, but if I were going out today I'd even consider the 3/2 with the current air temps.

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    Today I surfed OC MD in a 3:2 with no hood and was fine. It's probably a couple of degrees cooler in NJ, if you're in a 4:3 you definently don't need a hood.

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    Thanks Charlie, I was wondering. I'm going to wear a Hurley taped and sealed 3/2 this weekend, hopefully I will last at least four hours in the water.

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    i was out all day today....6-4 in the morning till it gets warmer but you can definatly get away with wearing a 3-2