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Thread: new wetsuit

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    mmm maybe i should do the flash bomb. Does it dry within 15 minutes though?

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    definitely not. but it does dry way faster than other suits i've had. i have flashbomb gloves & they're dry well before any other aspect of my get up is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddywaddy View Post
    mmm maybe i should do the flash bomb. Does it dry within 15 minutes though?
    Who cares? Does anyone take off a wet wetsuit and then put it back on 15 minutes later?

    I dunno, having gone through a lot of wetsuits over the years, what separated the ones i liked from the ones i hated isn't how quickly they dried. Fit, durability, lightness, flexibility, ease of entry without having to stuggle and tug the neoprene, well sealed seams...matter to me more than whether it dries in two hours or four hours

    By the way, The rip curl 3/2 e-bomb chest zip is a great wetsuit.

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    +1 on the rip curl 3/2 e-bomb chest zip. I'm going into my 3rd (4th?) season with mine, and it's holding up well.

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    I have a 5/4 F Bomb, and a 3/2 E Bomb Pro. I get cold easily, and I have not noticed any difference between my previous 3/2's and my "pro" model. I do notice the extra flexibility. Maybe I'm not worn out as quickly as a result of being able to paddle like I'm wearing nothing, which in result keeps me warmer. Who knows.

    The F Bomb, for a 3/2, is complete overkill. The suit itself doesn't dry quicker, just the interior lining. Makes putting on the suit a little more pleasant (for a 2nd session), and your not soaking when when taking it off, which is nice if its cold. But if you are only getting a 3/2, I'm assuming it is warm enough to dry it in the sun in between sessions, and the air shouldn't be cold, so you don't need the lining.

    Get the pro, the performance values are unreal. Just take good care of it, and flip it inside out and hang it to dry in between sessions. It will be the same as an F Bomb, in terms of dryness. I do recommend the F bomb though for winter surfing.

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    i have a flash bomb and is awesome

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    I had a regular (not pro) e-bomb 4/3 chest zip for a few seasons. As far as warmth, it was okay but not exceedingly toasty as my winter suit in southern california (mid-50s water), except it doesn't handle wind very well, which is no surprise since it has no lining or smooth rubber outside. But very flexible and, when new, a very dry suit. Of course, I'm a middle-aged guy and I think younger guys handle the cold better. I'd imagine a 3/2 e-bomb would be a SUPER flexible, but not warm suit---that is, fine on sunny, low-wind days in near-60 degree water.