Alright so itís a slow day at work and Iíve got a problem Iíve been mulling over in my head. My longboard needs some love but Iím not sure how much I wanna give her.

I bought her used about five years ago and sheís definitely seen some better days. Two years ago I watched her wash up hard on some rocks so thereís a big section across the middle bottom section of the board that had to be professionally fixed (somehow the stringer stayed intact while big chunks of foam and fiberglass got ripped out from around both sides of the stringer). The repaired area is the width of the board, maybe 5 inches tall and football shaped. Itís an epoxy board but the previous owner of the board had added an extra layer of fiberglass over the epoxy because he was scared of dings.

Now whatís happened is that the area that got repaired is delaminating (Iím guessing some moisture got in there somehow and temperature changes finished the job). So my question is what are my options for fixing this? The major issue is that itís the bottom of the board so itís obviously gonna create some serious friction if I try to ride it as is. Iím not worried about water making its way to the foam because of the extra layer of epoxy. It looks like that layer is still sealed pretty solid. One of my buddies suggested throwing a layer of resin from the hardware store over it to create a smooth surface.

Does that sound like it would work? Any issues Iím not thinking of? Iím going for the quick fix so I can ride it this week if we get a little bump.