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    strong low in central waters

    Keep an eye on this storm in the central waters. To get a good glimpse of this, zoom out to the east coast view on the wave maps, and you'll see there is a decent circulation and quite possible some decent ENE fetch pointing towards us. Hopefully, we'll see some g swells from this for the beginning of the week.

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    Looks like the storm has peaked in intensity and will be slowly weakening this week, has completed the forecasted loop, and will be pulling east first very slowly through the 29th and then accelerating quickly through May 1st.

    It's got about 60 hours of influence from the same general location left in her though!

    The only potential negative influence is Monday's/Tuesday's system and it's south west wind flow followed by very strong north westerly winds behind the trailing front. A lot of cold deep air will rush in from the north west ushered in by a clipper-like system sucked in behind the initial storm.