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    Don't get me wrong, as a Californian/Texan I believe that anything up to the high tide mark should be public domain; but why should he? It's his property, rich or poor, I have the right to privacy and to evict trespassers. If it was a shack on the same acreage, would you feel the same way? What does his net worth have to do with it?

    Slippery slope man.

    One other thing, is it this individual who's screwin everybody over or is it the RIDOT and the City of Newton? I thought it was the last two? Seem to me this guy just doesn't want a public works project in his backyard, can't say that I blame him.
    High tide mark? In Hawaii. NO BEACHES ARE PRIVATE(I know this isn't sand beach, but same idea). This guys has a house in area that is public use area. He should understand that when he purchased ocean front property. How often have they asked this guy for access to his property to repair damage in the last 20 years? I suspect not often. Probably never. If it's the only way they fix the cliffwalk is by going through his property then that is what needs to be done.
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