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    VB July Extravaganza

    Looking for best advice on surfing in VB area in July (weekend). I am expecting weak summer windswell as I think is normal for July. Is there a place where swell concentrates so I can get the best of my 2 day trip? I am staying around the fisherman's island area. (maybe one of those islands around fishermans where I can paddle to and get some fun surf?) I do not have a longboard so punchier the better. thanks to all for the help.

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    ha. well be lucky if we have 5 surfable days in july but hey i could be wrong (hopefully i am!) as for the eastern shore, i havent explored up there. i really need to. if not you can come to 1st street at the oceanfront with me and the 50-100 guys at it and surf.

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    Last year sucked for waves here. The bottom on the north end is gone and every touron east of the Mississippi are packed in the south end like sardines. best bet, as I mentioned before, is False Cape, South of Sandbridge. bring a bike with board rack for that.

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    I can get some of my buddies to do some wicked jack-knifes and canon-balls for you?

    KiDdING- what 757 said, gotta get real lucky for July. dont step on the beach on fisherman's island because its all protected.

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    fisherman's island is accessible only by boat. the place gets giant. a hard NE wind is off shore with a south swell is best. I did repairs for a supermarket that had a bunch of stores on the E S of Vs. I've seen a guy (who looked like a dot) on a clean left hander(looked 2") ride from the point to under th bridge. boat was waiting under it to jockey him back. the current is horrendous and the sharks are plentiful.

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    Now that we're on the topic of VB in summer, how flat does it really get on average? I'm about to spend my first summer down here and am dying to know how bad its going to suck? I've heard plenty but sometimes I wonder if it's exaggerated? How about May and June? How are the OBX in the summer months, a lot better or only slightly?

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    when the fat ladies get out of the water the water level drops, then it's flatter than a peta chick

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    Flatter than a PETA chick!!! HaHA. That's funny!!! It's the EC. Most likely gonna be flat, but you have always have a shot for some fun surf

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    I am expecting weak summer windswell as I think is normal for July.
    Already expecting too much

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    Croatan early in the morning. There will be something to stand up on