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    Prescription Sunglasses for Surfing

    I'm looking for surfing sunglasses that can be made with my prescription and ran across a site called SeaSpecs. Anybody here ever hear of them? Lots of good reviews and some cool color options. Price for Rx is the best I've seen so far. Let me know, Thanks!

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    wearing any type of goggles, glasses in the water sucks, i would look into disposable contacts.

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    I have SeaSpecs and they work great. Obviously no sunglasses are best, but my choice is to protect my eyes from melanoma. Yes I know a surfer who died from eye melanoma. It's a personal choice. I will order a second pair with my prescription now that I know I like them. My whole gang wears them.

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    Keep an eye out for a cool new sunglasses product to help combat surfers eye and water glare in the next few months!They will not be perscription yet, but are awesome for dawn and sunset or any time in between. They do not have elastic straps and can be easily removed, adjusted in and out of the water. No fogging, and you do not look like a goon wearing them in the line up.
    More to Come soon....

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    I recently thought about using eye black for the next bright day. Baseball players, football players and seagulls swear by it but I'm sure I'd get a lot of funny looks in the lineup.

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    I personally hope for cloudy days. Hate the sun in my eyes reflecting off of water.

    I was considering getting a pair, BUT

    How do you see with surf sunglasses on once they get wet? I know when I wear my glasses and it's raining outside I have to dry them off to see right. Otherwise they water spots all over them and you can't see properly. Are they seaspecs/silverfish made specifically so this doesn't happen?
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