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Well... you've already bought it, so just ride it and learn from it. You still have your old board(s), right? When it's good (up into the shoulder to head high range), try the Rusty. When it's small and crappy, ride what you've been riding. As for the construction, if you're relatively new to surfing (not had many boards) you might not be so used to the feel of traditional construction that you'll feel uncomfortable with the change.
i totally agree- you already got it and who cares what other peoples "opionions" are regarding the board- i personally would ride it in anything above chest hi... and I would not want to ride it as a step up in big surf- DOH (I would opt for something a little bigger even)...but thats my personal opionion... And who cares what people say about a tuflite or anything else. I happen to like them for certain types of waves and in the summer when I dont want to ding my fiberglass boards with the crowds... infact I have been riding a tuflite most of the winter too just cause I have had alot of fun on it and catch way more waves then the other guys riding thier 5'8 potato chips while wearing thier 5mils...
It looks like the perfect board to learn on if you have not ridden short board before- plus its a tuflite with while my not be as high performance as a fiberglass board- it does offer much more float- which is what you need to learn... just go for it! Take it out and enjoy your new board! I personally would love to add that board to my quiver!