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    I have 11, one is my first that I learned on. A few need major restoration and fall in the "someday" category. A few work for teaching. A few hang on walls to make me look cool. But I pretty much only ride three - short, fun, LB

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    Whats the difference between a hplb and a log

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    Have 5 boards plus boogie. WRVs 9' lb, 7'7 fish, 7'2 fish, older 9' and 8ft Perfection pin. Solomon BB. Makes for lots of versatility and friends can use one if their along for the ride. Prob'bly pick another log and all around board to add to the quiver.

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    In a way, it's been stated already...if you have so many and have a hard time choosing which one to ride, or if you're in the line-up and wishing you'd brought a different one, perhaps you have too many.
    I like to keep it for small waves, one for medium waves, and two to choose from for bigger waves.
    Kinda depends on the surf in your area. That and the amount of traveling to other waves you might do.
    (But I like the idea of renting a board through swell info's service. The airlines deserve it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lipride20 View Post
    Whats the difference between a hplb and a log
    A hplb is designed to be ridden more like a shortboard, so it has a different rocker, bottom contours, outline, fin config... than a log, which is designed to glide and trim and noseride. Really, the only thing the same about the two is the length!

    To the OP... my answer would be, "when you run out of storage space." Personally, I chose from a quiver of 5 boards, four of which get 95% of my water time - a log, a fish, a hpsb, and what I call an East Coast Gun... a board for the biggest days of the year. It's really just a longer shortboard with a modified bottom design.
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    I don't think any amount is too many, if you have room to store them, can afford them and most importantly: actually have time and conditions good enough to enjoy them all. Nothing breaks my little raisin-of-a-heart more than going to buy a board off of craigslist and some rich yuppie has a garage full of boards collecting dust, 4 pristine Bing logs of similar dimensions that never get enjoyed but the owner can't bare to part with any of them. There's a big difference between a supple quiver and being a straight up hoarder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glassyandsunny View Post
    Do most people hold on to their first board?
    I still have mine after almost 17 years, it's beat to hell and will never see the water again most likely, but still got it.

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    boards that still float... about 6 or 7, ranging from 5'10 fish to 9'6 nose rider. Plus the body boards and other misc crap my garage is pretty full. I am plotting on another board or two pretty soon.... There are probably 5 or 6 beaten old boards up in the attic. My first board is up there, as well as the first one I shaped, matter of fact there is an un-glassed, fresh shaped blank up there that is like 5'9x 19. Not sure what I was thinking, but I could give one of you groms a good deal on a "custom" board...
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    I have such a hard time selling boards. I get emotionally attached to them unless its a turd or I never really used it. I still have my old Gary linden 6 foot swallow tail I learned on. Its destroyed and probably couldn't ever ride it again but I'm never getting rid of that thing

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    5'9 not so mini Simmons
    6'0 hp shortboard
    6' 3 hp shortboard
    5'7 garage shaped mini driver
    7' foamie
    5' 10 fish
    3 bodyboards (1-3 foot board, 4-7 foot board, 7-12 foot board)

    I am 6'3 and age 14 and 135