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    Thruster with broken center fin

    I have a thruster and the center broke off (its a glass on) and i wanna surf tomorrow and thats the only board i can use. Do you guys have experience surfing a thruster with only two fins and if not is there any way i can fix it quickly, just something to hold for a day?

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    Reason number 1 that I can't understand why people use glassed on fins.

    Don't have experience, sorry.

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    it was an old board, my newer board is also broken

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    Try it. You might learn something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewwoodsurf View Post
    Try it. You might learn something!
    like what?

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    how to fall....or to turn on your rail, but more likely the former

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    Do u guys think its realistically possible?

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    you want to surf & you're asking if it's realistically possible? give it a go & make it work. it's just a center fin & it's not going to be exactly huge tomorrow by any standard.

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    ever herd of a twin fin lol?

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