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Thread: Wave Jet Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
    What if you uncommit before a drop but your wavejet doesn't?
    You must never uncommit! The wavejet will not allow it!!

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    UGHHH! :(
    Quote Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
    What if you uncommit before a drop but your wavejet doesn't?

    "Sorry! I didn't mean to drop in on you. My wavejet made me do it"

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    Next Wavejet 2.0 will have an Eject button for those situations.

    Just make sure not to hit it when you're inside a big thick barrel

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    Seems like nobody really tried it , just trying to troll it.


    i am probably the first who got it and shipped to europe as well. add +$1100 extra for shipping to EU and tax.
    Aside of the fact it is too expensive for most people , lets leave it out for now and here are the pros and cons after 4 months of use:

    1. If you are over age or not fit enough anymore like me, it helps you catch more waves, stay longer on the wave as well.
    2. Good for life guards and other life savers i guess.
    3. Easier to catch wave, easier to stand up because it's so heavy like a ship.
    4. Easier to paddle out. No matter what , you are out in minutes without big effort.
    5. It's just so much fun to feel the engine and extra power.

    1. it is damn heavy. Really really heavy. I dont know exactly but feels like 25-30kg or more. I am still physically fit but carring it to the beach is a total pain. You get actually tired even before going inside the water unless you live directly on the beach. Going home with it after surf is even more pain when you are tired.
    2. It is also dangerous because it's so heavy. I would not suggest complete newbies try it. If it hits you in the water , or you hit others, nothing good will come out of it.
    3. because it is so heavy it is useless in small waves and forces you to go out far into bigger sets. This can push your limit to the next level and also become dangerous if you are a newbie.
    4. Maintenance is so much hassle, it kills all the fun. Charging, screwing, cleaning the thing that is 30kg in weight is just too much hassle. in most cases you just say **** it and go with a simple board.
    5. Not suitable for beginners.
    6. You have a feeling like a cheater. if you are young and want to look cool , probably not for you. If you don't care what people will think like me, it might be for you.

    Bottom line: if you plan to be the next Garrett McNamara and surf bigger waves, taking difficult challenges and you are really really fit and strong to carry 30kg of extra weight in your board, it's 100% for you. This thing is really for professionals who dont care what other people think about "it's not surfing if it has jet helping you and other bs"..

    If you are beginner thinking it will make you a surfer automatically, stay away.

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    But it's not surfing if it has jet helping you.

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    Think of it like "tow- in surfing" with jetski. It will not become a replacement to the normal surfing because of it's complexity, extreme weights and the price, but it might have it's own small niche and co-exist in peace like sometimes you can see rare stand-up-paddle guys or body boarders or kayak guys that may annoy you little bit but dont really change anything.

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    But it's not surfing if it has jet helping you.
    then kite surfing is not a surfing because kite is helping you and on wind surfing the sail is helping you.. it's just different niche..

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    Sounds like a POS to me

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    HAHA, Good question, maybe they have a "kill switch" like a jet ski
    it has bluetuth or some other protocol that turns off the jet when you are too far (fall off the thing). you can also press the button on the wrist control to turn it off.

    yes, easier to duckdive too because of the weight it goes deeper and harder for the wave to blow it away.

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    sofa king gay