With all due respect,.........get to the back of the line! Damn Kooks.

"ive been goin down to squan for about 4 years now"

"but also share with others" <---maybe not?

"I migrated down here 5 years ago"

"u gotta deal with whatever ur idea of a kook is no matter what they do to u or the line up!" <--maybe not?

"If you paddle out somewhere not familiar to you, and try to sit on the peak, when it is apparent that everyone in the lineup knows each other. Your a kook." <--this is true

If you dont think you have to put your time in at a spot to get respect, your a kook."<--this is true......

"used by aggro locals, to describe any surfers that:
- don't live in the ****hole little coastal towns
-don't work construction and/or drive old, beat-up trucks" <--that was dumb.

Whatever man, whatever........just know your place,................and get to the back of the line.