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A Couple shots from Delmarva around noon...fun waves for sure.

Nice pics, Mitchell. What did you ride today?

We were 'down the road' from you, in the national park in the *** area @ **. What a blast. W wind kept everything groomed & clean, and sometimes it went glassy. Only 8 other guys out that I saw, and they were stretched out over 10 miles+ of gorgeous unspoiled beaches. So many good clean peelers over miles & miles of breaks. Set waves were terrific. And it stayed good from early this morning & was still good when I rolled out mid-afternoon. The place is a gemstone that we're so fortunate to have 4wd access to.

Just one of those days when it's great to be alive & to be able to go surfing.

Props to Micah for a great call today. Spot-on, Dr. Swellinfo, spot-on.