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    Any good fiber glass surf board repairers around South Padre Island?

    Came across a deal on an old 7' Fry fun board and fell in love with it for SPI waves. I did my best to repair what I could but found small areas that delaminated from the foam and fear it will spread if I don't do anything. Any help is appreciated

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    Good luck. I can fix it if you were more North.

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    Cut the delams open with a dremmel or utility knife, inject resin under, wax paper over top, and place a weight on the area to adhere the glass back to the foam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    If you're ever up on north padre take it to Dockside in Flour Bluff. They've got a guy named Mike Doyle they feed repairs to. He's done a couple of patches to boards I leave down there. He's been shaping in CC since before I was born and makes some decent boards. I've been in Corpus the last couple of days and was riding one he shaped back in the 80's just yesterday.
    Dude, you should be flounder fishing too! It's world-class in that part of TX.