im curious to know how everyone feels on the subject of jaws.i used to be amazed when i saw footage of guys towing 75ft waves and taking some of the brutalist wipeouts that game is dead and its all about paddling.i think its only a matter of time before maui becomes the new north shore.theres been a lot of people surfing jaws for decades,but now you only hear about a small group of me i think its like a fairy tale.i can only compare paddling jaws to doing bmx jumps into foam pits.first of,jaws breaks on the reef.there are no clean up sets,no rouges catching the jetskis and boats in the channels.guys like shane and ian walsh used to paddle in from the u see folks jumping out of boats,paddling for 2 minutes and there in the lineup.i call that cheating.2nd,inflatable wetsuits.u take a fall,pull a cord and u gently float to the top.i have so much respect for guys like shane dorian,ian walsh,kai barger,dege o connel,albee and matt,and the 100 other guys.out of most recent stuff iv seen,i got the most respect for kai barger for paddling out without floatation.that tells me kid got i didnt really care much on the issue until i read a surfline interview with paige alms.first of all,i never heard of her,dont care about her but what really bit my nerves is how she comes out of nowhere,and starts talking smack about spots like waimia bay and the outer reefs,and then got the nerve to say she wants to surf mavericks.if i was a local there,i wouldnt let that girl in the water because im not going to be the one to pull her lifeless body out the sea.guys like ken bradshaw,mark foo surf massive 30-40ft waimai monsters without vests,balloons,skis,whatever.mark foo died.another sion milosky,supposedly paddled into the biggest wave ever at phantoms,60ft paddled,died at mavericks.if you think your too good to surf some outer reefs,to actually size u up a bit,then put your life on the line because u have some balloon wetsuits,your going to kill yourself!now girls like anastasia,kealla,maya g,they surfed big waves around the world.if u only surf 1 big wave,that has a clear channel,no risks involved other than getting caught inside,and think your going to survive other real spots that actually have respect for paige when i see her paddle out without a vest or ski to 20ft escondidio and get barreled with greg long,and not get rescued,id say she earned her way.but sorry 1 wave isnt going to make your career.its like me getting a 3ft barrel at ibsp,nj then all of a sudden go to tahiti on a code red swell and try to tow.your just going to kill yerself.

so tell me how u feel about jaws.was it cooler in the 90s,or is paddling the new way