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    for those in and around 757

    these guys will be at the Norva on the 9th.

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    The show was a lot better than I thought. I got 4 tickets and VIP pass' for free. Then I responded to 2 email lotteries where I reply to email with the grateful dead as a subject. got 4 more tickets. couldn't give the sumbiotches away. They played for an hour and a half and came back with another set. Some of the songs were really spacey, which helped enhance the cookie I ate. I had to leave before it was over. there was a dueling cow bell thing they did. Most of the band had one, but Mickey's was hooked up to a synthesizer. it was kinda cool at first, and should have only lasted a couple minutes. But they kept it up for what seemed like an eternity. there were tons of hippies there.