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    Quote Originally Posted by ShredTheBed View Post
    "prematurely"? son i'm 47 yrs old. Be careful next time you come down to the banks. We wouldn't want you virginian kooks to get hurt or anything.
    If you live "in the Banks," Nags Head to be more Pacific(ha, my old English teacher used to say that. What a card), why would you need to "plan" a Saturday session? If you lived in Nags Head why would you be dependant on surf predicting websites? Just take a gander at the ocean each morrow to see what's a happening, and pay attention to which way the wind blows. If you follow this advice you won't get your hopes up and subsequently dashed by the "intranets."

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    Being a die hard Met baseball fan has been pretty annoying my entire adult life. I was 8 in 86. Still remeber my dad jumping for joy, but it just didn't mean that much to me then.
    Also annoying is a lack of gentlemanly candor in the line-ups these days. Say hello, throw a wave, even a nod for crying out loud. I feel like I've been out surfing with 20 clint eastwood wannabe's giving me the "deserve's got nothing to do with it" squint before they paddle jocky in front of me for a thigh high peak.