Alright so I'm mildly opposed to me posting this because well, people might get angry and flip the troll switch but I've already been out a few times and just havent had proper guidance from a friend. I know I'm doing some things wrong (still can't really duck dive or pop up yet) and I feel if I had someone in the area teaching me it'd go better. I'm not willing to drop cash on something a local floridian can teach me that I can also become friends with. So basically I'm just asking if anyone feels like sharing the art that is surfing, I'd really appreciate it. I usually go hit paradise and if you frequent that spot you can see my flipping over from sitting too far or wiping out on a too large for me to handle wave and get thrown into a tumble cycle. I know some people who frequent this forum live near me so, anyone wanna help? :P

Also, my learning ability is that I try to not show fear and just go for it. I learned to paddle, sit on my board, and catch waves. Just need popping up and duck diving tbh.

Also, trolls...go for it. I know I can't stop you but atleast be funny in your responses