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    DuckDiving on Board with lots of Volume

    I just got a new board, but I'm wondering about the volume(my ability of duck diving on it). The boards dim's are 5'9" 18 inches wide, and 2 1/8 inches thick. The thickness is what I'm worried about. My weight is 93 pounds. Did i make a sucky choice buying this board? Or do I just have to practice my duck diving ability.

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    you can definitely duck dive that board. its been a long time since iv been 93 pounds, but I would think you can duck dive the way you normally do. If you do have trouble getting the board submerged try pushing the nose under at an angle. here is a clip of some guy duck diving a longboard using this technique.

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    Congratulations on your new board, give it a try. you can practice on a flat or bad day in deep water, keeping the eyes open can help to judge depth and to avoid obstacles or caves.

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    Thanks guys... Love the community so far, I'm pretty new to swellinfo. I'm just used to a thinner board, but I'm gonna be surfing some bigger breaks so decided to step up. I'm wondering if my struggle is that I'm used to having a traction pad for traction, but I don't have one for my new setup.

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    Welcome to SwellInfo SurfJetty.
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    Do some bench offs before you get into the 23ft range.

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    Thanks ZaGaffer. And everybody else for the feedback!