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    Question OBX or South-Searching for local advice

    Need to get away from work for 1-2 weeks , surf & veg
    Must go before summer crowds, sometime next week to june 15
    Want to rent house at oceanfront (clean / simple is fine)
    I will be taking the wife too. So I have to do a few stupid tourist things, ideas?
    I would like to know what area would be the best area for what we are looking for.
    Looking for area pretty laid back & quiet, not looking to party all out, good people
    Has decent surfable breaks out of the way-away from crowds
    Dont need specific breaks, just point me in right direction
    Have big 4x4, gas card and do not mind searching out breaks on my own & locals are welcome
    Recently back into surfing after 20 years, no hardcore charging here

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    So much to tell and so little space. . .

    Suffice to say, if you catch a decent swell, you won't be disappointed. On the other hand, if you don't catch a decent swell, you're sort of REALLY out there, but there's always LOTS of beach around if you just want to kick back. If you're into sailboarding or kite surfing, that's another alternative when the surf is flat. The best news is that if there's a swell to be had on the East Coast, it will probably find you in Hatteras. It's still the wave magnet it's always been.

    As for locales, Nags Head is a decent first check spot, but if you locate in Buxton or Avon you're conveniently positioned to take advantage of whatever the prevailing wind direction is at the moment, from Nags Head to Avon to Cape Point to Frisco pier. Nags Head is a bit of a drive from there, but on any given day, the waves can be working on one spot, and not in another, so stay flexible and line up your web cams and laptop before you head out.

    For amusements when it's flat, there's Kill Devil Hills and the Wright Bros. monument, and a really neat English Garden in Manteo near the Lost Colony tourista trap. And there's always the Ferry over to Ocracroke Island from the town of Hatteras or even a day of sport fishing offshore. What you'll find on Ocracroke is basically more beach and more dune grass, but it's a nice diversion.

    Better make sure your gas card is topped off because with current prices four wheeling can get VERY pricey., is one source of rentals is another that I've had some success with. Be sure to check into the various sizes and locations of the houses because some of these houses are HUGE! Enough for 3 or 4 families. If the wallet can afford it, go oceanfront, they have some grand porches to just kick back on.

    Just be sure to start your contact with the fact that you are a family group. They don't like renting to teenagers for obvious reasons, and if you surf fish, take your gear. There's no place better, especially when there are no waves. Enjoy- the water temps down there are already 70 degrees.
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    Yeah, I totally agree with MDSurfer. I would personally stay between Rodanthe and Buxton and go to Nags Head when desired. Also, chicks dig Ocracoke so I'd head over there for sure.
    Potential good waves, pretty water, mild's a no brainer for me.

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    Outer Banks all the way - sounds like it fits what you are looking for. Laid back, potential for uncrowded good surf, and there's touristy things to do with your wife.

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    avon, fo sho