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ive been riding a 5'5" quad + nubster for a couple of months now and it is so drivey and suited to my style of surfing which is mostly drawnout powerful carves
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wait...are you trying to ride it w/ all 5 fins in? b/c that could be the problem (unless the 5th fin is a nubster/guitar pick type fin). it's not *really* a 5 fin...it's a tri/quad convertible & meant to be ridden as either a 4 fin or a 3 fin.
Guessing many may know this, but others may not, so may be useful. There are boards that are designed to be ridden with 5 fins at the same time, and there are boards with 5 boxes meant to be ridden as a quad or a tri. 2 very different setups which should have different fin placement.

If you have one meant to be ridden as tri OR quad, I have one o those. Mines kind of an all purpose board. Shortboard with fish characteristics in the outline. I like it as a quad to about shoulder, but beyond that I ride it as a tri. Actually, the fins I use as a tri are more of a twin plus trailer setup, but with regular tri fin spacing. Works well to a few foot overhead. Beyond that, that size the outline of the board becomes an issue, as does the outline of my belly and general out of shape condition.

That said, I like having the 5 fin option, and am glad I got it. My shaper charged extra. My last board is a really short stubby small wave board, ad I didnt bother getting a center fin since I didnt plan on using it beyond chest high.

Similarly, if I ordered a bigger wave board, I would probably go with a tri setup, because in biger waves it feels right to me.

I suppose its a lot of personal preference. Ive bever tried a true 5 fin, but have seen some positive reviews of Griffen 5 fin setups. Ive also never tried a mckee quad setup, but that is supposed to work well in big waves. Theres some old school footge of curren riding big J bay on that setup decades ago.

There is so much to fin placement, size shape etc, it hard for me to really grasp. When i get a combo that works, I tend to stick with it.

For quad I currently use mr tfx fins up front and 2 double foil gx trailers in the rear.

For tri I often use the mr tfx and one gx or the smaller mr trailernin rear. Sometimes some AM fins front with a really ol gx3000 rear.

All my boards are round tails and I am just over 200 lbs so I use more fin than the average sized guy on a shortboard.