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Thread: First wave

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    Great story I have 2 year old twin boys cant wait to get them out in the water

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    I am thrilled for you and your daughter Antoine!

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    That is so awesome! I brought my 5 year old nephew out all last summer and never had so much fun. He had such pure stoke and made me surf a lot more being that knee high days I normally spend fishing were perfect for him. I'm getting married in a couple of months and we hope to have a kid soon after. I can wait to have that experience with my own child.

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    Good stuff! Need more posting like this and less of the self inflating "look at me" BS!

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    I remember my son's first one like it was yesterday. Now 17 and a full on competitive surfer but I will never forget the first one. Just an awesome thing that I hope all Mom's and Dad's will get to share and remember with their kids.

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    Nice post! I think days like that are what life is all about. I am nowhere near having kids but I hope that one day I can share moments like that with my kids, surfing or otherwise.

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    Very, Very cool!! I Don't have kids yet but hope to someday have this experiance myself. Congrats! That is what life is all about IMHO!!
    Quote Originally Posted by antoine View Post
    I have been nagging my daughter for a few years to try to learn to surf. Last weekend the waves here were 2 feet and glassy early at low tide and she finally agreed to give it a go. After her nervousness finally disappeared we paddled out and sat calmly watching wave after wave pass by and after a few failed attempts at catching a wave, that one lucky wave picked her up and she rode it in ( on her belly ) .As she paddled back out and remembered most of the good stuff I tried to tell her about paddling she was excited and I believe I witnessed the addiction for the first time. I forgot all about those feelings until she paddled back out and at 13 years old she was just as stoked as I remembered being. She described the sounds of the wave tapping at the board and the acceleration of the 2 footer as if she just rode the best wave ever.
    After 2 hours in the water and numerous belly rides she finally stood up and although it was just the white water she did it, she surfed!

    I never thought I would get to have that experience and as I think back I am grateful for the inspiration of all of those surfers who helped me along the way , The good the bad and the ugly.

    School is out in a few days for her and believe it or not I am so pumped for the summer surf of Fla for the first time before hurricane season! Bring on the Thigh to waist high surf , oh hell bring on the ankle high surf.

    I hope some of you Dads get to experience this phenom or maybe you already have!

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    My sons didn't start surfing until the oldest went to UNCW. Yeah, you probably complained about his driving until he moved to WB on Nickway... But I remember the longest most sincere phone call I ever had with him, to this day, was him describing his first real surfing experience, when the waves were clean and it was dusk, and the water and the sky were purple, and he touched the face of the wave. He got me and his brother hooked. Kind of reverse situation but it's all family and catching the stoke...

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    I was on the fence about sneaking out for a mid-morning session, but this thread cements the deal for me. Thanks for the vicarious stoke!

    CBSCREWBY: If I see your son in the lineup I'll shake my fist at him and tell him his pops said "TIGHTEN UP!"