Slow day at work so was watching some surf internet clips. Some good stuff out there while other clips just make my eyes bleed. I find the editing techniques below just awful to watch.

Constant slow-mo: I really, really don't need to see every. single. wave. in slow motion. Particularly can't stand normal motion then cut to slow-mo on every little maneuver.

Don't show the landing: If someone doesn't land an air, either cut the clip or have the decency to show them fall. It can still be a good wave with a fall at the end, this isn't the WCT. You're not fooling anyone when you cut the shot right before a landing.

Don't show the drop: This seems to be fairly prevalent, and I guess is fine for waves that aren't that tough to get into. But for steep/hollow waves with critical drops, I want to see the guy get into it! Sometimes just making the drop is the hardest part, why not show it?

Curious what others think and what you can't stand?