Just want to say a couple things about the spam threads on this forum.

Firstly, thanks to all who "report posts" regarding spam threads/posts. You can do this
by clicking on the small alert icon under the post. Please keep the notices coming if you see them, so we can try to maintain a clean board.

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with people trying to scam there way to the top, by posting meaningless links to gain search engine popularity and such. Believe it or not, its a lot of work to maintain the message board, so it is very helpful when the users can help flag such posts. Also, we will try to look for more ways to keep things clean and going smooth and prevent spam in the first place.

I think the board has been coming more alive with substantial threads recently, which I'm pretty stoked to see. Please feel free now to post inconsequential, meaningless replies that insult others and describe how much you dislike this site. And, hopefully, you have also been able to sense sarcasm in forum posts by now