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Phish sucks and so do people from Connecticut. Brutal left-lane cloggers. I'm no speeder, but people sitting in the left lane going 60 INFURIATES me, and CT is full of such offenders. Pull left to pass, then pull back in.

As for Phish, having (relatively) recently attended college with thousands of flannel and tie dye clad, birkenstock (jerusalem cruisers)-wearing wish-we-were-hippies, the biggest problem with Phish is their fans. I don't really like Phish, or any jam band really for that matter, but if I have to listen to one more burned-out loser tell me:

"duuuuuuuuuuddddddddeeeeeee, have you heard their set from Ithaca in 92'??? They play "taste" right INTO "waste" right into a cover of "i know you rider" before they jam back into "taste". it's so siiiiiiiicccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk"

I may just lose my mind. Phish sucks. Phish fans are intolerable.

I definitely like the Dead, but I don't really like listening to their live stuff that much for the aforementioned disdain of half-hour jam sessions, and I really curse them for the jam band music explosion and the stupid a$$ band names that came with it. The String Cheese Incident? The Disco Biscuits? So dumb.
This guy has wisdom...............