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5'10, 172lbs at 6% (down from 187 in March due to daily water time in cold ass water). Yet to see a legit hollow wave but will soon. Got a quiver of sticks but I think I'd go with the 6' 18" 2" 5star thruster. And probably eat $hit three dozen times before I had my hand in the green face. Then it's history, brah. Things are gonna change. I can feel it.
You've seem to have made remarkable progress in your relatively short time surfing. Didn't you start this past winter? Your technical approach and frequent in-water time, have worked well. What was the size of your first board? I started in Sept, surfed through the winter, and am still on my one, 8-4 beginner's board. Ugly thing - lime green, stained, and beat to hell. Kind of embarrassing now, but it has certainly been serving its purpose. Even my wife has commented on perhaps looking for a replacement (actually a good sign to get wife's concurrence). Maybe something around 8 ft x 22" x 3", $400. Really don't want to settle for a NSP, Torq, etc. Used McTavish Carver? Looks like a real nice board but may be hard to find. Will stick with current board through summer. But by then we'll have 3 kids in college.