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    Waves, culture, food, temples, volcanos, kindest people on earth
    + no ****head Hawaiians.

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    lava land
    [QUOTE=nynj;170086]Thanks dude... I had a lot of the same thoughts. She is cool with sitting on the beach, but it would be cool to have more to do that just dive and snorkel...
    Travel is the other main issue. I'm a little worried to surprise her at the airport with a 20 hour flight...

    From a girls point of veiw (leaving aside i love surfing) i wouldnt mind hanging by the pool at all, 20 hour flight could be brutal if you could find the same quality beach/sights somewhere closer. Im sure shell dig kaui or whever you choose as long as you spend time with her and make the best of it, which can be done anywhere!
    Coasta rica doesnt seem like a bad gig too

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    props for keepin it real jetty bear. sounds like you been thru the same crap as I have with women

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    Quote Originally Posted by unsalted View Post
    props for keepin it real jetty bear. sounds like you been thru the same crap as I have with women
    That's what I'm here for Unsalted...keepin it real up in tha field, a'ight

    Yes, I had a semi-tramautic end with a vaginal-American, but I'm thankful everyday it didn't work. Man, I was even talking procreation with her.

    But it's not just romantic relationships I warn people to be wary's all of them. If you are lucky you can trust and depend on your blood family, and that's pretty much it. Really, I've done the research.

    Unsalted, I give props to you and your lake bretheren. Don't get jaded like the coastal dudes. Keep the stoke. You guys are alright in my book. I got to get some bubs on The Lakes someday. Just have to.

    Ok, back to telling NYNJ where to go: Why are all youse people so obsessed with warm tropical locations? Good lord between all y'all youse guys have come up with three choices and they are so typical. Man, a once-in-a-lifetime trip is NOT one taken to someplace where every dude on Swellinfo would go.

    And jeez, I'd be more secretive aboot broadcasting when you are leaving because I have a feeling some of these dudes may show up to meet youse guys.

    "Hey, hey is that you NYNJ? Hi, Mrs. NYNJ, I'm a pal of Mr. NYNJ on SWELLINFO.COM. I recommended youse guys come here..........thought I'd come join youse guys.......OMG isn't it beautiful here !!!!! It's so, it's so WARM............"