I'll third that, and yes, it was overnight. It broke 60 here early to mid last week and damn if a day later it was back to 52, maybe even sub-50 on the 92 degree day here. How do I know? I was rocking baggies and a 2mil topper until the 60 day then went with the short sleeve rash guard and baggies to celebrate the 90 degree air barrier. I counted those degrees in the water rising one by one for months. It reaches a crescendo then BOOM. Arctic.

Back up to 57 now in the liquid, but what the hell does it matter? Not like I'm gonna put some bubble bath in that still water and do the backstroke in it. It's like that Cinderella ballad from the 80s - don't know what you got til it's gone. The Jerzee boys could always resort to fashioning blow darts out of the hypos found on shore and sniping the SUPers with em. You know, staying productive and letting nature take its course.