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    Fin Question

    I have a 6'8" Dewey Weber feather fastback single fin surfboard. The board is wide and flat in the nose with flat rocker/slight vee and a pin tail Two or three times now I've been out on larger days and the fin has cut my leash. I'm Considering taking the board to a reputable shop here in wrightsville beach and having fun plugs installed for a quad setup.

    If a board is designed as a single fin, will it work as a quad? Anyone know of someone in WB or CB that could do this correctly?

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    Probably wont work well as a quad if it was designed as a single. Sell it and buy a quad or just buy a quad. That's a nice board and you shouldn't mettle with it. Cut the leash? What kind of fin do you have?

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    don't do it; you'd be destroying a classic. far better to just wetsand the edges of your fin & smooth it down. it won't (noticeably) impact performance, & it'll minimize nicks & cuts.