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Thread: Droping in ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisurfr View Post
    All ... thx for the advice .... all good stuff. I don't do all the time but will have to work on it. I'm humble enough to realize that others can see what we're doing wrong well before we can. He was a solid guy and good surfr. Those who give respect get respect. See ya
    Another piece of valuable advice: work on getting to your feet as quickly as possible and then try to incorporate looking down the line at the same time (Dont look at where you are, look to where you want to go). You will be surprised how quickly you make it down the line of the wave.

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    New to the forumn so take it easy .....Was at my local break yesterday when a Lboarder paddled by and offered some advice. I was on my bigger shortboard as it was waist to maybe chest. I dropped in and had my back leg bent to where my knee was almost to the board. He stated that I do NOT want to get in to the habit of droppin in on my back knee as it's a hard habit to break.

    I do realize that draggin the back leg can reduce steering but I do see some of the pro's doing this (albeit in much bigger surf). I mostly was trying to stay low in order to have better balance. Any advice ?
    You don't want to be bent like that while surfing down the line. That means your weight is heavily toward your front foot. The best surfing as far as turns and manuevers in the pocket is done off your back foot. With your back leg bent down toward the board you end up squatting more than actually standing up. You are lowering your center of gravity by staying closer to the board and water, which makes surfing easier quite honestly (as you said, for better balance). Front foot weight is good for speed down the line but you will never get to really use your fins of you aren't surfing off your back foot. Pros may do it when dropping in on bigger waves for stability or pig-dogging a backside barrel but they will get upright as quick as possible when it's not needed. If you are squatting to duck into a barrel you can tuck your knee, rather than squatting with both legs like a sumo wrestler (which looks kooky). But if the wave is open and peeling you want to be upright and surfing off your back foot, and you can't do that correctly when your knee is bent down almost on the board. In short, don't do it if it's not needed.