Hey Dudes! Its been a long while and I began my surf season in earnest again this past week. It is like starting all anew again after not pumpin waves since last October.
I was at my fave break this past week and waves were super inviting, but I discovered I lost all of the accessory muscle strength I had last year that helped me get to the line up!
I plan to be back to the soup in a couple weeks, and before I do I want some pointers for weight bearing exercise that will make it easier for me to have that paddle strength needed to get out there again.
Recently I went out in my 3/2 on my custom stick, a frierson "shortboard" and I feel it was mostly the effort of trying paddling a shortboard, versus my accostomed funboard, that made me go noodle armed at the break area, and I was left powerless to get beyond it.
Now before I'm told to get back on the funboard, or told to get my virgin Bing soaked, I am asking for help with any dumb bell exercises I might be able to do until I get out again. So I can actually have strength to paddle past the breaks effortlessly on my SB.
So far I do basic curls, extensions, rows etc with 30# bells, but are there better land locked techniques one can perform to help paddle strength while still landlocked? I don't have the luxury of a body of water close by to literally paddle around in when I'm away from the island.
I should note to you I have an indo board I've used that has not been touched yet this season, but I don't believe it will help with my paddling needs (though I will be using it again soon), however add this item to my repoitoire when you advise me on strength gaining techniques to help my surfing.
Alright Dudes, its great to be back and I hope to meet more friends soon to enjoy the stoke this season. Hopefully we can friend up on island this summer and be legend together
Thanks for helping with tips and peace!