Hey Forum

Just curious, I'm usually pretty good with checking the buoy data readings from National Data Buoy Center, especially Station 44065 (NY harbor entrance)

Over the years I've found it to be a pretty straightforward, simple way to get realtime readings. However today I'm a bit stumped.

Buoy is reading Wave Height (WVHT): 5.2 ft
However, near shore, cams, etc are looking really weak. Maybe a 2ft shorebreak in Long Beach, NY. Weak during the incoming high tide..looks really flat

Is this higher buoy reading due to the unusual higher tides that scientists have been studying?

(old article, but ongoing continuing pattern? "Boon, a professor emeritus of marine science who has studied tides most of his career, described how Atlantic wind patterns and currents can subtly shift, often without explanation. The shift, in turn, pushes more water onto East Coast beaches, marshes and coastline through higher tides.")

or am I missing something else?

Usually, I find if forecasts are chest high, buoy wvht is fairly accurate. I just don't know what to make of today