After seeing a local report about high levels of bacterial at Long Beach, NY... I decided to once again see if any centralized resource exists for water quality conditions in our area. Once again, I find myself frustrated and upset that this information isn't easily found or given.

Here's the video in the local news

I've left a message with Nassau County Health Department's lab tech... who does the surface water/beach sampling tests. Hopefully he get's back in touch with me and I can find out more about getting the results.

I know I've gotten sick in the past decade due to water conditions. I'll admit, it's really tough to wait 72 hrs after a rain, before getting back in the ocean. Especially if it's firing.

With some of the anger I've seen on this forum, can't we get some of it directed at local politicians that are working for us?
I'd love to see SwellInfo add a water quality/bacterial monitor icon/gauge to the local break. I realize this would require a direct line of communication with the local municipal lab... but in this day and age, getting that email wouldn't be that tough, yes?

<gargles with brown ocean water>