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    Intro. and a Question

    Hey all,

    New member here live in Florida and in my younger years an avid skateboarder and surfer. I have a question for any of you oldtimers. Back in 1979-80 I picked up a Fischer surfboard from a surfshop in Ormond beach with the same name, it is numbered and autographed by T.Fischer and is a 5'10 double wing pintail twin fin. From what info. I have been able to gather Fischer was a shaper back then and had the store. I am wondering if this board has any value at this point and does anyone know anything more ?

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    1980-ish? East Coast shape? I wouldn't think it is really valuable. I have a mint 1980 WRV shaped by the original owner of WRV. I think MAYBE it's worth $500. But it's bright white and I'm holding on to it.