Yes, I've searched the forum for thoughts on this but most of them aren't from the regulars now.

Picked up a pristine one this week. 5'10 and a beauty. Immaculate. Pretty sure that it's gonna be my turning point to really getting shortboard skills effective. Shortest board yet I've used by several inches. Swallow tail is much more pronounced than the modest swallow split on my other fish. The twinnies in the back are fat and interest me how they'll perform. My guess is fast and loose? Just like my women Are they Futures boxes with Al Merrick stamped on them or did CI actually make their own fins then? I know there are several FCS made for CI.

It's got lots of volume in the chest and fat rails which I love in my Bushman semigun. Plenty of flip and rocker in the front also which I can't seem to do without now after having it on my favorite and most often used boards this spring.

Thoughts on this bad boy?