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Thread: Obx?

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    We headed to Buxton on the 22nd at noon for a week's vacation. The traffic was horrible about 7 miles from the Wright Memorial Bridge. Never seen it like that before. The whole backup was caused by people heading to Duck, Southern Shores, Corolla, etc. What should have taken 3.5 hours took 5. There was talk of NCDOT building a bridge from route 158 straight into Duck. At the time I thought it was silly, but now I know why.

    Anyway, we had nice clean waist to stomach waves until Thursday and then the SW-wind swell wrap kicked in on Friday making it stomach to head high with lots of side-shore texture -- Still fun though.

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    Ya know, 10 years ago I thought tourism in the northern beaches would decline because it seemed like people, who live and commute in traffic during their real lives, were coming to Corolla just to sit in traffic during their vacation. It was getting ridiculous. 3 hours, on Saturday morning, to get from Southern Shores to Corolla. Those trickier ones tried coming Friday night and hoping for a cheap vacant hotel room. Ha ! Fat Chance. Then every weekday night, Rt 12 would be backed up south bound as people flocked into town. Felt bad for the local construction guys who couldn't even get home after work. The banks let development go a bit overboard. Plus in the northern beaches, 25 families rent a single house for the week because of the price. So every friggin house there has at least two or three complete families in it........

    Bass Player, I wish you well. There's some dirty, toxic things going down around Toms River.

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    is chest high obx like normal head high and does nags head barrel nice and wide?

    Chest high is not like normal head high. Just like head high is not like normal chest high. This also works for knee high and waist high. Does not apply to overhead or well overhead which you might want to avoid for now.

    P.S. Were you asking about wave faces or backs? The Hawaiians have a whole different take on the question. But you were asking about East Coast.