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    Quote Originally Posted by bassplayer View Post
    Yes 4/3 with surf cap for dawn patrol. Then 30 minutes later switch to a 3/2 back zip. 20 minutes later unzip it, but keep it on. An hour later, go for the trunks with your favorite sand blocking underwear and long sleeve rash guard. By 9 am you should be ready for the loose rash guard tee but watch those nips. Tape em up. Naked by lunch. Keep the tape on there's kids around.
    Dude! Watermans just came out with a special sunscreen for your junk! Like all other Watermans products, you can get it in white or flesh color. It's called the Nuttstick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paddington Jetty Bear View Post
    Oh there he is......some were starting to think(myslef included) you might have been a pro football player arrested on murder and gun charges...........

    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    Erock- you mean the standard 8-10ft everywhere? I've been waiting all week til tomorrow.
    Yeah man! Wear all your wetsuits at once!

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    I use it mainly for dating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Yeah man! Wear all your wetsuits at once!
    I like this advice. Now, do I start from least to greatest (SS rash guard > 6/5) or greatest to least? The 21 Jump Street remake got me all screwed up on what's cool these days regarding how many backpack straps to rock. The wetty that's showing on the outside during this layering is something I'd also like help with.

    Let's hope the sun doesn't come out tomorrow!

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    I like this forum cuz I learn stuff from more experienced surfers. And there are some very funny people here that make me laugh out loud!

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    The one stop shop for knowledge and entertainment:
    Forecasting, Shop Talk, Sharing of Experiences, Interesting Characters, History, Current Events, Travel, Health and Personal Hygiene, Guidance Counseling, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Humor, Drama, and Stupidity.
    And of course a shared interest: Surfing.
    Swell Info has it all!
    Gotta love it.

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    Ryan's videos.

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    Yeah, that's what I thought. I need to go buy more wet suits. Does any of them come with cumber buns?

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    I figured it out- I love due to two words: GRUVI and pizza!!!

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    I come to noswellinfo for majorly reasons:

    learning to shot a pier;

    measuring 23' wave faces;

    how to construct 50' long piles of kindling on an island of sheep & then photo-shopping same into the hands of some poor sucker(s) in S Carolina;

    understanding how to spot those gnarly contrails that are the source of, well, every bad thing known to man;

    if I'm feeling low, it's an immediate pick me up to read the emass dude's ramblings and know that Life could be worse; so much worse;

    just to recoil in revulsion at what Mad Wayne has been up to with the half-naked male youth of America on the beaches of sin;

    and, of course, the perambulations, musings & prognosticating spitfires of South Jetty William aka whatever moniker he's posting under at the present time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    if I'm feeling low, it's an immediate pick me up to read the emass dude's ramblings and know that Life could be worse; so much worse;
    I think a more successful/functional pick me up on your end would be serious psychotherapy concurrent with pharmaceutical therapy specific to your disorder(s). But whatever you need to get you out of bed in the morning and look in the mirror at night and not projectile vomit all over the glass due to realizing the truth; you do you.

    My life is a constant exercise in autonomy that I wouldn't have any other way. It's fulfilling on a daily basis in many capacities. Thanks for the displaced sympathy, but it's quite unnecessary.

    Based on your posts and consistent demeanor, it doesn't sound like you could get lower. Again, if it makes the world a better and happier place for you to pity my existence, get yours and go for it.