Well, it sounds like it's not living with your parents that has you down, it's that you're seperated from your college chums.

I think you are just lamenting your old dorm room comradery. You spent every second around your bros, and now it's over. Well, no matter where you live you ain't getting that back. Sorry, but that era is over. I'd need to know where you currently live and where you went to school to offer further advice on this matter. But your college pals might not be as happy as you think or as they let on.

Your parents sound good, so realize that they are the only ones you can fully trust and count on in the world. Man, being your age and having money, while living at home can be the best. Don't you know any crackers in your area before you went to school? Ahh, you'll make new aquaintences at your age, don't sweat it.

And girls.......dude, don't get to atatched at your age. Don't think, " Oh I'll spent the rest of my life with her." No you won't. People change ALOT from their early twenties into their late twenties. You don't really settle into your own or know who and what you are until your late twenties. So save that serious romantic relationship for later in life. **** it took me until my late 30's, but that was because of.........right, Kassers vodka.

You have a good job now that you hate. I dig it, man. I did the wrong thing at your age. I worked then drowned my sorrows in Kassers vodka. While you have the job that is bringing in money, start looking for employment that you like........Really, do it. I know it's hard to get motivated aboot job searching when you already got one, but just do it. You don't have to be desparate cause you got money. So you can spend time and hopefully settle into something you like.

Dude, you are young, you'll meet people in your area. Just get out there. You go through different eras in life. Life's a certain way for 6 months.......two years.........and then it changes. And new things, new people appear. Just be positive and don't drink.........Kassers vodka.