OK, so I am mostly a shortboarder, and decided I wanted a small board that would do well in smaller, weaker waves. So I found a used 5'9" Chemistry Tron board that's short, but thick and wide with a low rocker. It's much more buoyant and stable than my 6'2" thruster, but today it was weak as the tide came in and I said, "what the hell? I'll mess with the thruster for a bit." I had such an easier time riding it than my Tron quad. The improved maneuverability extended my ride time...much easier for me to stay in the pocket with the 6'2"

Ease of balance is little issue as I'm used to riding both boards, but the thruster is just way easier to turn. The Tron is a little better for paddling in, but aside from that my rides are sweeter with the shortboard. Is there something I'm missing to riding a quad fin? The turns do feel different...feels like I have to drive them a lot harder and the board is kind of skatey. Any tips you guys would care to lend?