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    Have you ever gone out and not gotten a single wave?

    This happened to me last night. Left work wround three and headed for 1st street VB. Got caught in a mini squall for about 40 minutes and then headed out (water was DISGUSTING). Anyways, there were waves for the taking but the lineup was so crowded and it seemed like I was always out of position. Every wave wave was a party wave but I'm not a d*** so I don't paddle for people's waves. I had limited time in the water and had not gotten a wave by the time the sun went down. Paddled back in and left.

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    damn man. I almost surfed first street the other day, but then from the lack of parking I realized how crowded it would be. Went elsewhere and had a nice time. You might see me there in a 5/4/3, but not June-August.

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    Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you...
    Well...guess that just about wraps her up! Well-played, mate.

    As far as going out and not getting a single wave, of course I have! I'm a kook! My first couple sessions were like that. I caught everything last night though and it was ankle-high with nearly no punch. Gotta love the Retro Fish and peaks that aren't shifting too badly.

    I won't get off the water until I've caught something I can call a wave. If it's 100% flat, I'll just paddle for a mile or so for conditioning. I can't be caged.

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    Never had that happen. Have been out there and it seems your never in the right place at the right time

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    yeah i haven't not got a wave in a long time but I can admit ill find myself paddling to the perfectly wrong spot for 30 minutes back and forth haha. I remember this a few sessions ago, and finally when I said to myself "theyre coming in over there now" I stayed put instead and low and behold the virtue of patience paid off and I got a set right on top of me.

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    Sometimes the grass looks so much greener on the other side.

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    Here's a tip, don't surf 1st Street. When I was a kid (80s-90s) it was heavily local on the main peak. Only well-advanced shortboarders and old school, really good longboarders. You wouldn't find any funboarders even close to the peak and if you did they'd be heckled out of there quickly. It also broke right next to the jetty (I mean literally people sitting with their hands touching it) back then and pecking order was very easily established. Now it breaks off the jetty a little bit and there's a left at lower tides. Add that to the huge uptick in low-skill funboarders and longboarders and the place is a total newbie zoo. It also isn't as good of a wave as it used to be. My advice would be to surf somewhere less crowded. There's other breaks around and well worth finding them.

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    UGHHH! :(
    Never because of crowds, but once from being pummeled and rejected by the ocean and spat out onto beach in defeat.

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    I hear you, but if I only have a couple hours to surf after work I'll hit 1st street. If I have all day I'll explore bit