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    I can see VeeBee point about no surfing when it's small and only breaking inside. But I could never understand why they ran us out of the water on biggish days. One would think it would be a good idea to have a line of "watermen", sitting on flotation devices, between the touron and Davey Jones locker room.

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    I'm curious about a beater and have been looking at them for quite some time, how easy are they to stand up on? I'd go with the 54" model and I'm right at the top of their weight range (might have to skip a meal before I use it). I kinda want one for the ability to bodyboard, skimboard, whatever and maybe pop up if I get the chance. I was riding my boy's bodyboard the other day and had a blast. But I'm still a beginner and the shortest thing I've ridden is a 6'6" fish.

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    I'm definitely over the recommended weight range of the 48in model and I've only had mine a month. I haven't had it out in anything over gutless knee high surf so I haven't had a chance to try anything standing up. But, I never really intended it to be used as another surfboard.